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Huehuetenango is located within region 7 or Northwest, along the ridges of the Sierra de Los Cuchamatanes, the highest mountain chain of Central America, with altitudes that reach up to 4000 m.

Huehuetenango is one of the country’s largest departments of Guatemala, and has the largest amount of municipal districts in the country, 32. It´s capital, Huehuetenango City, is 269 kilometer from Guatemala City.

Due to its size and varying altitudes, it has a varying climate that ranges from deep cold to hot and humid. Several rivers originate here like the rivers Selegua, Cuilco, Chixoy and Salinas.

A large number of its inhabitants are of Mayan descent, mainly Mam, although they share the territory with Chuje, Kanjobal and Jacalteca, which is why many dialects are spoken along the territory: mam, q’anjob’al, chuj, popti’, chalchiteko, awakateko, akateko, tektiteko, k’iche’ and Spanish.

The main difference among the people of the 32 municipal lies in how they dress. People are generally farmers, shepherds or artisans who manufacture textiles, guitars, fireworks, pottery and baskets, and sugar cane. Their main religion is the ancient Mayan religion and with some Christian elements.


Day 1 :
Day 1

Shuttle service from Antigua, Panajachel or Xela to Huehuetenango
Visit el Mirador de los cuchumatanes, Zaculeu
Night in Huehuetenango

Day 2 :
Day 2

Shuttle service from Huehuetenango to Cenotes de Candelaria
Night in Nenton
Day 3
Visit Laguna Brava
Shuttle service to Xela.

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